Services & Work Samples



Services & Work Samples


What we do

We provide a variety of services. Let what’s below get your imagination going, but we can do work beyond what's listed here. Whether you come to us with a fully formed concept or a hint of an idea, we're excited to get the ball rolling on your project.


Promos, Teasers, and Crowdfunding Videos

You need to tell the world what you do, why you do it, and why it's needed. It doesn’t need to be long, but the content needs to pack a punch to get your target audience to you. We can help you put together a story in a good looking package to connect you to your target audience.

Event Recaps

You’re having an event, and exhibit, or something else that’s not permanent, and you want to do more than just see images. You want anyone who wasn’t there to be able to feel the true essence of it; the venue, the sounds, the looks, what people were buzzing about. We can put together a clean, jazzy, to the point recap that will ensure folks won’t miss your next outing.

Sketches and Vignettes

Sometimes you don’t want or need a full promotional piece to communicate your goods and services. Sometimes you need something a little more down home—more story driven, more connected to people than to product. That’s where these short videos can come in handy, and we can work with you on what they look like and how they’re used.

Short Docs

You need a little more time to tell a story; something that most people don’t know about, but they should. You want to get a little more creative about how you go about doing that. We can help tell the story of your organization, someone’s life, a historical event—the list goes on and the sky is the limit.


Process Documentation

There’s something to be said about the nitty gritty that goes into running an org, planning an event, or developing a campaign. Capturing the behind the scenes moments of your work is great for grant applications, your website and social media, and archival purposes, to name a few uses. We can use photography or video to get you what you need.