Coming Soon: Tour Guides

Pittsburgh is in many ways the poster child for a Rust Belt city. Industrial past, tech centered present, and a blue collar thread connecting the two. It has racked up several “Most Livable City” in America accolades, but its story goes beyond the attention its received for arts, education, and sports. There are close to 90 neighborhoods in the city with their own unique cultures, and residents with their own unique experiences.

Tour Guides is a micro-documentary series that digs into some of those narratives. Each 3-minute episode follows one millennial woman through the Pittsburgh neighborhood that holds the most meaning for her. By telling her story within the physical landscape of the city, each woman explores the powerful connection between place and identity. With Pittsburgh, the region, and the country changing everyday, this project exists to preserve a bit of the present moment—to do some personal storytelling, and to explore the ways in which where we are shapes who we are.

Trailer Credits:

Editor: Njaimeh Njie

Music: “I Found Me” by LAKEY INSPIRED

Music provided by Music for Creators

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